Certified Trojan Battery Dealer

Have piece of mind knowing your in good hands

Trojan Battery Company is the worldwide leader in deep cycle battery manufacturing with almost 100 years of proven innovation and advances in battery technology.

Certified Lithium Ion
8 Year Warranty

JS Carts is a certified Lithium Ion dealer/installer 

- Get peace of mind. 

- 8-10 year warranty after JS Carts installs your new Lithium Ion Bundle 

New Trojan Lithium Ion Bundle

Bundle includes:

(3) 48V GC2 Trojan Lithium-ion batteries 
(1) S.O.C. Gauge Kit 
(2) CAN Cables 
(1) Charger  
(1) AC cord 
(1) DC cord ring connector with safety lockout 
Setup for onboard application


Sale Price: $2,995


Lithium Ion Benefits

Our Services


JS Carts offers many services for your golf cart. Our most valuable feature is that we try to complete most all services right on site. This is just the added convenience that JS Carts offers. Getting your cart back up and running is our only goal.

Here at JS Carts we are proud to be able to offer such quality products. We sell all Trojan & US Battery, as well as Ultra Power. 

*Core Fees: $27/per 6 & 8 volt battery 

                  $36/per 12 volt battery


Trojan Price List:

6v T605:    $155.00

6v T105:    $175.00

8v T875:    $185.00

12v T1275: $245.00


US Battery Price List:

6v US1800: $135.00

6v US2000: $145.00

6v US2200: $160.00

8v US 155AH:    $165.00

8v US 170 AH:   $175.00

12v US 155 AH: $240.00


Ultra Power Price List:

6v EV605: $140.00

8v EV875: $155.00

12v EV1275: $225.00

General Cart Issues/Battery Service
Battery Service: $25

General Cart Inspection

Cart Service/Repair

Brake Work
Tire Repair/Replacement
Battery Maintenance

- Clean Terminals

- Replace Cables & Ends

- Acid Removal (Baking Soda Bath)

Accessories/Custom Upholstery


- Lift Kits

- Lights & Light Kits

- Horns

- Radios & Speakers
- Shocks & Suspension

*Flat Rate: $100 & $75/hr after the inital hour


Seat Repair/Custom Upholstery

Seat Covers:

Standard 2 Tone = $115 (4 seater)

Diamond Stitched - $210 (4 seater

Cup Holders:

Standard 2 Tone - $55

Diamond Stitched = $80

*$225 fee for disassembly/Removal of old covers off/Reupholster with new covers & reassembly. 



Winter Storage
Storage Fee: $350 for 2- 4 Seat Carts & $450 for 6 Seat Carts

In The Fall:

We pick up your cart between October 1st - October 20th


While in Storage:

- Batteries are Charged/Tendered Regularly. 

- Repairs & Upgrades are made


In the Spring:

- Check over Cart

- Service Batteries

- Check Tire Pressure

We Deliver your cart back to your site between April 7th - April 14th

Back Seats
Price- $379.00

Adding a rear seat kit and accessories to your Club Car is the perfect way to expand your machine's passenger-carrying capacity. Not to mention the enhancement of your vehicle's function as a tool in your work duties. Click below for more details.

Prices Vary

New Wheels & Tires can add a whole new look to your Golf cart. Click below for more details 

Life Kits
Prices Range from: $315.00 - $525.00

Make sure your cart stands out!! Add a 3, 4, or 6 inch lift kit to your cart. Click below for more details

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